Public speaking! The very idea conjures up a fear for most of us that is completely overwhelming and paralyzing. Presenting yourself and being analyzed by an audience whether it be one or many may cause sweaty palms and shaking from head to toe . In addition, it exacerbates feelings of self consciousness, inadequacy and embarrassment to the degree that one would rather run away than speak. If this is hard to believe, most studies will verify the accuracy of this claim, and if you are one of the many who carry this fear, you are not alone!

Although that probably does not offer much comfort or alleviate the fear, it normalizes a human condition that may seem irrational but is quite prevalent.

How does one decrease the overwhelming anxiety around interviewing, presenting or performing? Hypnosis! Yes, hypnosis can help you as it has others. In fact, the research reveals that hypnosis is quite effective in dealing with anxiety around public speaking.

Let me share with you how I approach hypnosis around this particular anxiety:

1) First, after gathering information about your particular issue, I would begin the hypnotic process. You would enter what is referred to as the induction phase, and hopefully, within a few minutes, you would attain a state of well being which is referred to as trance. During this phase, I would have you imagine a scene that invokes a sense of relaxation and optimism.

2) Next, I would have you deepen this sense of well being and then begin the working phase where you would visualize a scenario of public speaking. As the imagery unfolds, you would be reminded that you know your material and to stay focused on this message as well as your breath.

3) Further along this phase of the work, I would continue to have you focus on your sense of efficacy including standing tall, looking out for a familiar or friendly face, and being reminded that with each word you state, you will find yourself becoming increasingly confident and more and more relaxed. I would also suggest that as time goes on you will be pleased to see that most of the anxiety, embarrassment or self doubt will have dissipated. Finally, I would suggest enhancing your sense of pleasure, excellence and accomplishment upon completing your presentation.

5) In the final phase, I would have you imagine a future scene of yourself looking and feeling empowered, confident and content. In addition, I would offer posthypnotic suggestions to promote internalization of these positive messages.

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One will provide more insight into the use of Hypnosis for Public Speaking. The other will actually have you visualize a tranquil scene so you can get a taste of the hypnotic experience.

When the time comes, be prepared to get relaxed!!

Finally, don’t hesitate to improve your life. Contact me at (781)444­-3559 to set up an appointment. Although insurance does not cover this nonmedical service, in three to five sessions, you will see your confidence explode and fear of speaking will be a distant memory. I look forward to helping you change your life. It would be an honor and a pleasure!

Originally published at the Needham Psychotherapy Associates blog.