The process of life attracts many metaphors. The “ journey” has become a popular one. A “season” is another which you may hear from time to time.  A few years ago, I wrote a blog discussing baseball as a metaphor for life. More recently, I penned an article on Goodreads about life being like a book. I want to continue with this symbol of life because we all have a unique “Book of Life.”

Your “Book of Life” is like no other. If the story is authentic as it should be, no plagiarism exists. If attempts are made to duplicate it, pity the sad individual who attempts not to be successful. Your book of life is copyrighted and trademarked for the sole purpose of you.

During the early chapters of your book of life, you are not the author.

Someone else is trying to set the tone. Eventually, you begin to assist in the writing. Hopefully, whatever those first chapters entail, you will develop your own unique style with the rest of the book reflecting your creation.

Because of the unfairness of life, the book’s early part is not always an easy read. In fact, for some of you, once you take control of the writing, you do not believe you can alter the story. You find it to be too arduous. Consequently, you continue your tale relinquishing hope in your ability to create new and, probably, exhilarating chapters.

Some of you have very lush and copious stories. Not only is your book thick but, at times, intriguing. Although some of your chapters reveal that life has been extremely challenging, you can eloquently convey your tenacious spirit and belief in the possibilities. You also recognize your good fortune to have such an abundant narrative knowing full well of life’s tenuousness.

Sadly, some of you have very slim books but know they are meaningful to those who are a part of your story. “The End” came too soon, and many wonder how lovely the account would have been if only…

You can take this blank page and begin a new chapter. Even if it changes slightly, that is the beginning and more will come.

Some of you had chosen to bring an abrupt end to your narrative when it was not supposed to be. As we know, most disturbingly, adolescents have increasingly chosen to write their final chapter with an impulsive “The End.” As some men age, they too choose this sudden end to their story. Surprisingly, some Gen X and younger Baby Boomer women have increasingly decided to join the men succumbing to this premature end. Remember, turning the page can make all of the difference in the world for all of you who consider this option. You can take this blank page and begin a new chapter. Even if it changes slightly, that is the beginning, and more will come. Each time you draft a new page, your mindset will begin to shift. Ultimately, you will be grateful for the chance to extend your account and recognize that nothing which includes your story stays the same.

My book of life is quite extensive. I project that I am at least three quarters completed, but it is not for me to determine. I leave it to my supreme publisher, who has allowed me to create my own unique narrative. He is my superior and will determine when my “The End” will happen. Once my book of life is completed, I firmly believe that I will have an opportunity to begin a new story that will unfold in ways the human mind cannot comprehend.

In the meantime, I will continue to write new chapters in my book of life. I am most appreciative that I have been bestowed with much energy and love. For those who have been an integral part of my life, you know that my book has been injected with unusual challenges. Some of those difficulties will be extinguished. Others will remain, and if they do ease, much, much sadness will ensue. How does one circumvent such obstacles? I continue to create new chapters in my Book of Life, and I will continue to do so as long as I remain in this life.

What about you? Have you thought about your unique book of life?

If not, please give it some consideration. Do not forget that you become the author of your narrative once those first few chapters are written. Whether or not you have attempted to write a compelling book early on, it is never too late to give it a try. Even if you think there are only a few chapters left, begin drafting something new. Remember, your book of life could have an unexpected and amazing finale. Imagine how someone might write a review and say, “Wow, I wasn’t sure about this book, but keep going because when you get to those last few chapters, what a riveting twist it takes.” As you hear this, how delighted you can be as you smile from afar.

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This article was originally  published  as “A Brand New Chapter” on the media platform, BizCatalyst360, under my column “Inspiring You.”