Are you being the very best you can be? Do you recognize your hidden potential?

Many people begin to pursue dreams and goals but frequently surrender because they do not see timely results for their vigorous efforts. Now and then, it makes sense to redirect, but too often, people forget that success is a marathon not a sprint as many leaders recognize. With wonder, we often query: How did they do it? They must be brilliant or creative or just plain lucky! Yes, there are the geniuses and the fortunate, but most of the time, such gifts alone will not bring great success. No, it is really quite simple. Hard work, focus, persistence and tenacity even in the face of adversity and failed attempts are the characteristics embodied in these outstanding people, and everyone of them will convey that in some form or other. The great Michael Jordan stated: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” The extremely creative Jon Bon Jovi indicated: “Success is falling nine times and getting up on ten.” Finally, the literary giant Samuel Johnson summed it up perfectly and succinctly with, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

So how might hypnosis help? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. By entering into trance, a state of well being, consciousness is heightened which allows you to be more open to suggestibility. While in this state, you are motivated and encouraged by the hypnotherapist to focus and visualize on your talents and goals. In addition, positive messaging and ego strengthening are suggested as a way to help you stay the course. The hypnotherapist takes into account your individual needs and desired goals and uses techniques which they assess would work best for you. Much of what makes hypnosis effective is the desire for change and the belief that it can happen.

Although there are never absolute guarantees as there are not about life itself, what does one have to lose by trying? Sometimes being open to something new like hypnosis can propel you to the next level. To understand more about how this wonderful tool might do so, I urge you to read my article, “Hypnotherapy: A Creative Adjunct to Psychotherapy.” It might spur you to think about taking the next step to call and set up an appointment with someone like me. Maybe, that golf or baseball swing will become more proficient. Perhaps, all that studying will be rewarded in your next exam. This time, imagine practicing healthy eating and an exercise program that might actually work.

So it is entirely up to you to try this and push through obstacles that might be interfering.

In the meantime, just think about it! As long as you are alive, it is never too late to tap into unexplored territory. I remember reading a story somewhere about two, seventy-year-old women who had very stark differences on their outlook of the future. Both were physically healthy and of sound mind. One thought, however, that it was time to get her affairs in order as she saw herself nearing the end of her life. The other began evaluating what activity to pursue at this mature developmental stage. If my recollection serves me correctly, the latter went on to become quite accomplished with a particular athletic endeavor and lived another twenty years.

So of the two, who do you want to emulate? Who might you become? Try hypnosis and discover what is dwelling in your untapped reservoir! If you remain open to new ideas, the possibilities for greater fulfillment are endless!

Originally published at the Needham Psychotherapy Associates blog.