“I not only help people refurbish the house, but I assist them in rebuilding the foundation.”   Darlene Corbett

All of my speeches are about transcending the obstacles we all have to success.

My most requested speech is Stop Depriving The World of You:

Creating change is about developing healthy habits to elevate performance and achieve goals toward greater success. Within this high-content, engaging Keynote, the issue of mental rehearsal, focused attention and visualization techniques will be highlighted.

Depending on your event’s goals and the needs of your organization, the following topics can be emphasized or de-emphasized.

Vanquish the Impostor Syndrome & Soar:

One of the obstacles toward achieving greater success is the fear of being discovered as a fraud. This self-deprecating condition is often experienced by those who are high achievers. This Keynote will offer tools to overcome it and soar.

The Power of Healing Through Positive Thinking:

Positive thinking can be healing and impactful for the individual and organization. Altering the message can be infectious personally and within the work culture. This Keynote will address this theme with examples and the science behind the ability to change.

How Focused Attention Techniques Can Improve Performance, Motivation & Life:

Hypnosis, Mental Rehearsal, Intense Visualization and Auto Suggestion utilize Focused Attention as well as other phenomena to help people achieve their desired
goals. Most people are unaware of the effectiveness of these techniques. Get ready to recognize the ability which lies within each person to get unstuck.



Darlene Corbett has been coaching people to get unstuck and succeed for many years. In her years as a practicing therapist, she learned that a common theme for many was that they were stuck. Even the most successful person is sometimes stuck…and for some, it seems a perpetual state. Using the tools of coaching which include visualization and scripting, Darlene helps people (whether they are stuck or unstuck) not only succeed but thrive.



Darlene Corbett has been a Certified Hypnotherapist for over 25 years. In addition, she is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Through this modality, she has assisted people in overcoming many issues including those which fall under the umbrella of the Performance Anxieties. Whether it be sports, academics, public speaking, music, etc., hypnosis can effectively help people overcome obstacles interfering with greater success. In fact, Darlene believes the use of this highly misunderstood tool can bring you to levels of peak performance in ways not thought possible. Hire her for this service and see for yourself.