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Tap Into The Power of U

Do you believe in the Power of You? Women and Men 40+, are you stuck? Do you want to get UnStuck? This lively podcast will help you Tap Into The Power of YOU, get UnStuck and then Stop Depriving The World of You. People under 40, you are also invited to listen. Why? You may know someone 40+ who is stuck, and, you might want to gather some information because eventually, and hopefully, you will turn 40.

Guest Podcasts

Interview with Valda Floyd on Sex Is Not For Sissies

September 30, 2018

DARLENE CORBETT Says I Always Wanted To Do Something More But Didn’t Know What – A Catch Cry of Many Over 50’s - You Can Find That Something, Then ‘Wow’! - Mature Preneurs Talk

June 6, 2018