“Never Stop Learning: Go back to school or read books. Get training and acquire skills.” Investor’s Business Daily’s Fourth Of 10 Secrets Of Success

“Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”                                                      Charles Schultz, Cartoonist

“A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul.”                                                                           Cicero

Last week, I happen to be the Topic Master at our weekly Toastmaster gathering. The Topic Master is a role in which someone speaks briefly about a subject and invites fellow Toastmasters to speak extemporaneously about the theme or go off topic. My brief discussion was a confession. I revealed that I am a Bookaholic. Yes, that is correct, a bookaholic or more eloquently stated, a bibliophile. I am addicted to books because I actually crave learning. For me, books contribute to my overall growth and continue to make me thrive.

Learning comes in many forms, and it should be an ongoing process. Investor’s Business Daily’s  fourth secret of success which I quoted could not be more accurate. If one wishes to be successful in any realm, they need to continue to acquire knowledge. Not only does it make you a more vibrant, interesting person, but it may open you up to possibilities you might not have expected.

Reading is one way of learning which is why Cicero’s quote resonates with me. Although I read nonfiction, my first love is fiction. My selection of books is diverse, and I believe many have helped me develop in a variety of ways. Some books are so well written they are able to transport you to another time and place. Even some of the more popular but less artistic novels can provide a description of the geography in such a way you feel like you have become familiar with the lay of the land. Reading has increased my vocabulary as well as augmented my writing and speaking skills. In my humble opinion, I cannot imagine one being a good writer without being a voracious reader.

For those who do not like the written word, there are audio-books, and if the ear is your favored sense, consider trying that venue. I listen to Audible and enjoy it immensely. If none of these appeal to you, explore areas which strengthen learning. Perhaps, music or a new skill would be your preference or learning by observation. Whatever it may be, do something! If time is of the essence, learn in minute segments. Success is truly a marathon not a sprint. Remember, you lose what you do not use! The quote from Mr. Schultz is correct so why not try awakening those unique talents and gifts which lie deep within you.

Part of being human is being connected, and we live in a world where people are losing their ability to relate on a deep, profound level. Because everything is fast and instantaneous, boredom often ensues quickly. More and more people anesthetize rather than pursue more meaningful outlets to expand their minds. Frequently, relationships become disposable in pursuit of the next shiny object. Defend yourself against such vapid activities even if you are a Lone Ranger among your ilk. Do not allow anyone or anything else to define you! Continue to grow in spite of obstacles in your path. Although you may not be addicted to books as I am, there is a passion lurking within you! So go ahead explore and increase your brain power, and by doing so, who knows what delicious possibilities await you.