“For those of us who believe in the value of every human life, there isn’t any more inspiring work under way in the world today.”     Bill Gates    

“Benevolence is the characteristic element of humanity.”       Confucius    

A few months ago, a lovely older client of mine told me that many years ago a friend of her mother’s had a baby at the very ripe age of 62. I looked at her in disbelief. I said, “Are you sure?” She responded in the affirmative. I went on to ask if the child was born healthy, and again, she indicated yes. Well, I stated, “Miracles do happen.” Several weeks prior to hearing about this, another client had told me a story about a 60-something-year-old woman who married a healthy 80-year-old man. Subsequently, he continued to live a healthy life until age 105. This was another unusual experience, less of  miracle, but still not a common occurrence.

Whether you see these two stories as miracles or not, they are most extraordinary. Perhaps, someday they will not be. Why? In my humble opinion, it is because of the miracles of past and present which allow such rare happenings to eventually become more prevalent. Think about it! All of the progress in the last two hundred years has helped humanity in ways our predecessors would have viewed as short of a miracle if you told them such ideas would become reality. From the airplane, telephone to the computer, smart phone and social media, the speed of information as well as conveniences appear to have no bounds. Most important are the advances in healthcare. Human beings are living longer and healthier, and as we continue to conquer new frontiers, life expectancy will increase by years.

This past week, a loved one of mine was hospitalized, and I have had the opportunity to witness humanity at its best. I see this as an understated miracle. As we sit with the physicians, it amazes me that these tireless healers are able to stretch their minds and develop such extensive comprehension about the intricate human body. Long years of study and practice render a fine, dedicated practitioner who appears to have infinite knowledge in their field of specialization. Is that not a miracle? How about the commitment of the nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals who do everything in their power to promote the well being of another human being often taking them back from what appears to be a point of no return. Is that not a miracle? Perhaps, the miracle is the human capacity for charity, creativity, ingenuity, hope and most of all love.

Most of us would agree that love truly has curative properties if not miraculous ones. Many, many years ago, I saw a woman whose adopted child had been severely abused and neglected by her birth parents. The prognosis for normal growth and development was poor, and the early testing substantiated this. The little girl fell in the mild range of being mentally challenged. In addition, her growth was stunted, and it was believed she would never reach a normal height. Her lovely mother was not derailed, and she sought every service she could for her daughter and herself. The child had major obstacles to overcome because of her massive limitations. Progress was slow, yet something began to shift. After a period of time, testing was performed again, and this time, the child scored in the low-average range of intelligence. In addition, her physical development appeared to improve. Although she would remain very petite, she would be in the normal span of height. Was it a miracle or was it love? I would venture to say both because love can create miracles.

Humanity dazzels in its finest form! Loving acts which include helping others produce miracles. If we look close enough, we can see them everyday. Look for yourself and bear witness to the miracle and majesty of humanity being at its very best! It will put a smile on your face as it does mine.