“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

A few weeks ago, a close friend directed me to an article in the New York Post. I smiled as I read along. The article discussed the latest craze celebrities divulged for getting into shape. What did they discover? It is hypnosis for exercise motivation, something most hypnotherapists have been offering as a service for years. People frequently associate hypnosis for weight loss with the focus on diet and habit control. They forget it can be used to motivate for movement and exercise. Believe it or not, there are disciplined people who are able to reduce their eating but do not have the inclination or desire to exercise. By encouraging, motivating and promoting greater bodily awareness, hypnosis can be most efficacious.

One of the techniques I often use to motivate a client for exercise is the visualization of an orchestra. I suggest they think about the energy of this instrumental ensemble and the pleasurable, flowing music it produces. Next, I remind the individual of the parallel between the human body and orchestra. I continue with the importance of keeping their body finely tuned to operate harmoniously like a magnificent symphony. As they are encouraged to imagine wind, string, brass sections working together, they begin to visualize the systems of the body collaborating under the direction of the conductor, the mighty brain. Through hypnosis, I go through some of the bodily systems beginning with the respiratory, lungs expanding and contracting as they take in O2 and expel CO2. I move on to the circulatory system reminding clients of the importance of keeping the heart strong in order to efficiently pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. I proceed with describing a few other systems and finish with the visualization of the brain. At this point, I emphasize the benefits for both mind and body including an increase in feelings of well-being and a reduction in anxiety and depression.

Most people find this hypnotic technique to be helpful. I use the orchestra technique because I think it is important for people to understand the inner workings of the body and the health benefits exercise has to offer. Most of us want to look good which is a secondary gain, but if we want to live longer, it is important to be aware of our body and keep moving. Exercise can be a metaphor for life. We must keep pushing if we want to continue flourishing both personally and professionally. If you need some assistance in doing so, think like the stars! Try hypnosis for encouragement and motivation. Hopefully, you will derive some benefits by going into trance, and surprisingly, becoming entranced!