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“I not only help people refurbish the house, but I assist them in rebuilding the foundation.”                     Darlene Corbett

I am pleased to offer the following as a Keynote Speaker:

1) Getting Unstuck: Helping Professionals Overcome the Obstacles to Success

A taste of my Keynote Speech…If you are a professional who wants to overcome obstacles to success, I will share more when you invite me to your event. You will not be disappointed!

2) Get Unstuck: Vanquish the Impostor Syndrome & Soar

Are you successful but not achieving to your potential? Do you doubt yourself and fear that you will be discovered as a fraud? Perhaps you suffer from Imposter Syndrome.  Get ready to explore the tools which will not only help you conquer this self-deprecating condition but soar….

3) Get Unstuck in College:  The Power of Healing  Through Visualization and Scripting

Students these days are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Anxiety and depression often create a sense of immobility.  Consequently, students feels quite “stuck,” but they will see they are capable of learning the skills they need to get unstuck.

4) Get Unstuck: The Power of Healing Through Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can be healing on many levels. In addition, it can be infectious and have a wonderful impact on those around you. Get ready to hear examples of this and how you might begin to think differently.



Darlene Corbett has been coaching people to get unstuck and succeed for many years. In her years as a practicing therapist, she learned that a common theme for many was that they were stuck. Even the most successful person is sometimes stuck…and for some, it seems a perpetual state. Using the tools of coaching which include visualization and scripting, Darlene helps people (whether they are stuck or unstuck) not only succeed but thrive.

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